follow her lead

Select works for Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR (2020-2021)

Artist statement: 2020 was incredibly hard for the entire world. For the U.S, we not only faced a global pandemic, but many of us had our world turned upside down as an uproar of civil unrest and breathtaking injustices ensued. Lately, it feels like we’re all very aware of America’s social landscape; it’s in our face seemingly at every moment, and it can feel suffocating.

For this collection of photographs, I wanted to give the viewer a lighter experience with more of an atmosphere of hope and an unthinking connection with nature. I truly believe the answers humanity is searching for lie within the cycles and relationships the natural world has already established. We need to submerge ourselves into the effeminate ways of the earth and listen to its lessons; for our betterment and for our survival. 
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