about me

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I am an evenhanded Pisces with eyes and ears wide open; and yes, I want to know your story. With a background in literature and language, I have slowly grown into the field of photojournalism, fusing my creative vision and passion for story-telling.


I find inspiration in both the rapidly changing, and the sturdily invariablearen't we all living within that intersection? The outside world and our inner worlds are inconstant, yet we strive to be near to a solid center, and to have a home.

Our stories as humans, and as part of the collective natural world, are so important. I emphasize storytelling and documentation as tools for power, recognition, and problem solving. There are a lot of problems in the world, but there is also a lot of action being taken that WORKS for society and our earth. That is what my photojournalism seeks to share.


My services range from commercial photography for your portrait and event photographer needs (10 years of experience) to freelance projects with individuals and non-profits that align with the journalism field (2 years of experience).


I am located in Oregon City, Oregon, but enjoy traveling for work.

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